How Wolves Change Rivers – Proof of the Master Plan


After this you must believe there is a Creator! Continue Reading

The Mystery of the Jews

The Mystery of the Jews Who are the Jews? What impact have the Jews had on the world? A powerful short film that reveals the real story behind "The Mystery of the Jews". With remarkable insights by renowned historians, world leaders and perceptive authors. "The Mystery of the Jews" challenges the normative conception of human history. Continue Reading

Receiving the Infinite Torah

Rabbi Mitterhoff

How can a finite person receive the infinite Torah -Shavous Continue Reading

Learning Torah and the 7th Year

Rabbi Mitterhoff

How Shabbos and Shevis shape our relationship with G-d Continue Reading

The Obligation to Be an Example

Rabbi Mitterhoff

Being an example that others want to follow. Continue Reading

No Such Thing as a Small Mitzvah

Rabbi Mitterhoff

We totally under estimate the value of the commandments - our magnitude mistake Parsha Behalosecha Continue Reading

Shavuot – Connecting with the Torah on Shavuot

Rabbi Mitterhoff

How can we relate to the original giving of the Torah when it was so far beyond us - Shavuos Continue Reading

Baba Metzia 3rd Perek 33b Tosafoes1 Shiur 1

Explanation of the Mishna and the 1st Tosafoes Continue Reading

Baba Metzia 34a, The Marasha & Rav Zera

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Baba Metzia 33b Shiur 3

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Baba Metzia 33b Shiur 2

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Baba Metzia 34b Tosafoes Enami

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