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  1. It is really important, not to say most essential with justice. Not only to us as persons, but to the whole society and the whole world, which will echo through the World to Come.

    Far too many today, do not realize that the law and the soul are part of each other. One cannot separate them without violating the fundaments of the creation.

    Of course, it is also a serious thing that we are before the throne of the Judge, G-d Almighty, every day every moment of our life, and everything we do, think, or intend to do, is recorded in the books of our life.

    This gives, however, also importance and meaning to our lives. And happiness, as we by doing the mitzos get closer to the Creator of the universe. And we also become happy as we wait for the “Promised Land”, Olam Ha-Ba.

    Law and order are also important to imprint in our life, our true identity as the children of G-d. Every land has its protocols, so has Heaven. We dress, we eat, we behave due to our spiritual identity. We are not to stick out as individuals free from our common identity. It is not about our own vanity and importance, but to fulfill our duty to Him who has created us according to His will, and for a special perpose.

    May, Hashem give us understanding and wisdom to fulfil these duties with happiness and joy, giving glory to Him that reigns for ever and ever.

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