A Year in Jerusalem
The Experience of a Lifetime

The Global Yeshiva offers a gap year program that combines in-depth Torah study, expansive character development and enriching trips throughout the land of Israel. English speaking students are from beginners to advanced and between 18 and 23 years old.


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Learning the Torah

  • Learn the tools for structured & conceptual analysis

  • Build understanding incrementally from the simple to the complex

  • Discover the numerous possibilities within a text

  • Develop powerful decision making & clear communication

  • Apply "Talmudic Logic" to deconstruct & anticipate the dialog

  • Become an independent thinker & express your opinion

  • Experience engaging “think tank" participation

  • Perfect your reading skills

  • Enhance your creativity and conscious understanding

The Excitement 

Learning Torah is our Life.  The emphasis at the Global Yeshiva is on clarity. We want our students to feel the excitement and growth that comes from true understanding. Global Yeshiva students feel energized from their studies and inspired by their incremental success. We give our students a taste of the sweetness and depth of Talmudic concepts, thought, and analysis. This leads to crystal clear thinking, wisdom, and a life of purity, righteousness and joy.

The Method

The Yeshiva specializes in a “hands on” and “conscious” approach towards teaching. Instead of listening to information-based lectures on Torah issues, the student is given the methods and tools of independent analysis. The teacher will then teach and participate with the student in their thinking process. This approach helps to connect and integrate the students with their learning, making the Talmud a live and vibrant source of joy and excitement. The students walk away with the satisfaction and self-confidence that is inherent with true comprehension.

The Learning

The morning seder is dedicated to the search for truth by learning the Gemara with Tosfose, Rishonim and Achronim. Conceptual analysis and getting to the essence of the argument is the focus. The afternoon seder  is dedicated to learning an amud of Gemara. The students become proficient with their reading and thinking skills by covering two daf a week with day for review. There is a daily class on the amud which focuses on the structure of the back and forth of the Gemara. We encouraged the students to try to reach an understanding of the text on their own.

Having Fun

  • Hiking

  • Swimming

  • Rafting

  • Barbecues

Do it All

Global Yeshiva trips are fun! As a break from our intense studies we offer unbelievable trips throughout Eretz Israel. You will get to see many beautiful places including, the Golan heights, Yehudiya,  the Galil, the Kineret, Tzfat, Amukah, Massada, Ein Gedi, Mount Herman, and Kivrei Tzadikim. Enjoy our fantastic barbecues and singing under the beautiful Israeli night sky.

Character Development

  • Integrity

  • Spiritual Accounting

  • Personal Development

  • Self Awareness

Perfecting Yourself

Getting the heart to feel what the mind knows to be true is the foundation of refining one’s character. You can’t see the truth if you are living a lie. The Torah has to be integrated into one’s being. Twenty minutes of learning the ethical teachings of the Torah plus time for doing a spiritual accounting is a must for anyone who wants to reach the heights of of his potential. At the Global Yeshiva weekly talks are given to help motivate the students to grow to new levels. The same hands-on, in-depth analytical approach the student uses in learning the Gemara should overflow to the vital work of perfecting his character. Once the student is given the tools for conceptual thinking he should then apply them to uplift and motivate himself in his service to Hashem.


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