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  • How can I reach my potential?

  • Why can’t I manage my emotions?

  • Why am I not motivated?

  • Why don’t I feel more spiritual?

  • How can I be happy?

  • How can I gain more self confidence?

  • How can I learn to relax?

  • How can I get along with my family?

  • Carolina Díaz
    Awesome! This class was amazing! wow it cleared my mind in many aspects of my life…May The Almighty bless your life Rabbi Mitterhoff forever and your family too. Shalom! And thanks for these teachings that bring light to the world
    Carolina Díaz

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  • Rick Tantleff
    Excellent content & very positive. I listen to put a good measure into my daily life
    Rick Tantleff
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  • Rav Israel Ganz - Rosh Yeshiva Kol Torah
    I know Rabbi Mitterhoff personally and he is a distinguished Torah Scholar and teacher. He has tremendous fear of heaven
    Rav Israel Ganz - Rosh Yeshiva Kol Torah

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