Clarity Builds Confidence

  • Learn the tools for structured & conceptual analysis

  • Build understanding incrementally from the simple to the complex

  • Discover the numerous possibilities within a text

  • Develop powerful decision making & clear communication

  • Apply "Talmudic Logic" to deconstruct & anticipate the dialog

  • Become an independent thinker & express your opinion

  • Experience engaging “think tank" participation

  • Perfect your reading skills

  • Enhance your creativity and conscious understanding

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The Kollel hours are 9:15 until 1:15 Sunday - Thursday. We are currently looking for new members under the age of 35. The Kollel is now learning Gemara Kiddushin B'Eyon.
Please feel free to ask any questions you may have about Kollel Shaare Hatalmud

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About Us

Kollel Shaare Hatalmud fulfills a unique need in Jerusalem. While 98% of the kollels in Israel are focused on covering ground and plowing through the vast wisdom of the Talmud, Kollel Shaare Hatalmud gives the American student a few more years to develop their critical thinking and conceptual intelligence.  The extra year or two the student spends perfecting their thinking skills directly corresponds to the level and quality of all their future learning and independent self study. Kollel Shaare Hatalmud imparts the time tested "Talmudic Methods" of textual analysis and reasoning needed to insure the highest standards of Rabbinical leadership. Rabbi Eliyahu Mitterhoff is the Rosh Kollel

Excitement & Growth

A Kollel that focuses on understanding the truth creates an environment guaranteed to foster a meaningful connection to the Torah. The excitement generated by deep and true comprehension is contagious. Shaare Hatalmud Kollel members feel energized from their studies and inspired by their incremental success. Our "hands on” and “conscious” approach to learning can take the student through the “thinking process” giving them the satisfaction and self-confidence that comes with true understanding.

Become a Partner

The Rama, Yora Dea 246:1 states: Anyone who is unable to learn Torah all day can support a Torah Scholar and make a partnership like Yisacher-Zevulan and half of the merit of that Torah Scholar will be accredited to the donor who supports him. The cost for each Kollel Shaare Hatalmud member is $350/month - $4,200/year for half a day of learning. The budget per year for 10 members learning half a day comes to $42,000! Please consider donating.

The Tools You Need to Become a Talmid Chachum

Rechov Achida 14, Bayit Vegan, Jerusalem